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Registering for CIS

You will need to take the following steps to register for CIS:

  • You’ll need to have registered for HMRC online services, and enrolled for self employment
  • You will receive a Government Gateway ID and a UTR
  • You need to log in and register for CIS
  • Select which CIS Payment Status you require – either net or gross status
  1. If you choose net payment status your contractor will deduct 20%  of everything you earn before paying you
  2. Everyone qualifies for net payment status
  3. Likelihood is that you will be deducted too much tax when your expenses are taken into account, and will be entitled to claim a refund
  • If you choose gross payment status
  1. No tax is deducted from your payment by the contractor
  2. There is a set of requirements that must be met in order to qualify:
  • Your earnings exceed £30,000
  • All of your tax affairs are in order and have been filed and paid on time
  • You operate a dedicated business bank account

If you don’t register for CIS, contractors can deduct 30% of your payments so it is in your interests  to register at the earliest opportunity

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