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HMRC Tax Investigations & Disputes

HMRC Tax investigations can be intimidating, but they are often avoidable. To give yourself protection, it's best to get expert assistance as soon as possible.

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Knowing that you are the subject of a HMRC tax investigation can be a very daunting experience. Accepting and facing a tax investigation head-on is the best method to deal with it. It's worth instructing a professional tax investigator to advise you on responding to HMRC requests for information and records.

How we can help you with your Tax Investigation

We can assist you and your company with tax investigations as follows:

  • Preparing and presenting information in the correct formats
  • Communicating and attending meetings with HMRC
  • Assist in negotiating terms of settlements, penalties, and interest
  • Working with our clients to maximise payments on their behalf

Income tax investigations

Individuals and partnerships can be subjected to an income tax investigation. We can take charge of the process and manage it to minimise any disruptions caused by a tax investigation.

PAYE investigations

HMRC undertakes a PAYE investigation or an Employer Compliance Review to ensure that businesses fulfil all of their payroll, National Insurance (NIC), and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) obligations.

Complexity is widespread in PAYE investigations. We will negotiate any additional tax liability proposed by HMRC to reduce the financial shortfall as much as feasibly possible.

Offshore income and assets

Holding foreign income and assets might be difficult. It's possible that making an offshore disclosure is the best way to guarantee you correct any prior mistakes.

To enable HMRC to guarantee that correct tax is paid on offshore assets, several British Overseas Territories have entered into tax information exchange agreements (TIEAs).

The Worldwide Disclosure Facility may allow individuals from the United Kingdom to declare offshore assets or income. If a voluntary disclosure is made, we can negotiate reductions in penalties.

VAT investigations

If fraud is discovered during a VAT investigation, businesses may be liable to pay significant penalties.

We can assist in all aspects of VAT inquiries and appeals. We can help you evaluate if an investigation is essential and help you reduce the VAT penalties incurred.

You should take HMRC Tax Investigations & Disputes seriously

You should take any enquiry from HMRC seriously. Our tax investigation team has experience dealing with tax investigations at all levels. Having a skilled specialist on hand can help ensure any investigation is resolved professionally and promptly.

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