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Pro Rata

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Last updated on:
March 17, 2024

Pro rata, a Latin term meaning "in proportion," is commonly applied to salaries, especially in part-time employment. It ensures that employees receive a fair portion of a full salary, corresponding to the hours they work.

Pro Rata Salary: An Illustration

Consider a scenario where the full-time salary for a position is £30,000 annually for a 40-hour workweek. If you work 20 hours weekly, your pro-rata salary adjusts to £15,000 annually, reflecting half the full-time hours.

Calculating Your Pro Rata Wage

  1. Determine Your Hourly Rate:
    • Divide your annual full-time salary by the number of full-time hours to find your hourly rate.
  2. Ascertain Your Work Hours:
    • Keep track of your hours or establish an agreement with your employer on your work schedule.
  3. Compute Your Salary:
    • Multiply your hourly rate by your actual work hours to calculate your pro-rata wage.

Reasons for Receiving a Pro Rata Salary

You might be on a pro-rata salary for various reasons, including part-time work, mid-month employment commencement, mid-month raises, seasonal work, or unpaid leave periods.

Benefits and Perks

Typically, part-time employees on a pro-rata salary receive benefits equivalent to those of full-time colleagues, adjusted for hours worked. For instance, if a full-time employee is entitled to 28 days of annual leave, a half-time employee might receive 14 days.

Do You Need to File a Self Assessment Tax Return?

In most cases, part-time employees on a pro-rata salary won't need to file a Self Assessment tax return as their employer handles tax deductions through PAYE. However, if you have additional sources of income, such as self-employment, exceeding the Personal Allowance (£12,570), you must report your earnings to HMRC.

Understanding your pro-rata salary and entitlements ensures that you're fairly compensated and receive appropriate benefits for your work hours. Always clarify with your employer or HR department to fully understand your specific entitlements.

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