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Reliable cost effective payroll services

Payroll is particularly cumbersome in those businesses where there is a constant turnover of staff and leavers and starters have to be dealt with. We can take this administrative burden away, ensuring everyone is paid on time with the correct amount, and you are fully compliant with the latest changes in legislation.

Recent RTI legislation means reporting electronically in real-time to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) before making any salary payments. Workplace pension ‘auto-enrolment’ requirements are also complicated and time-consuming, not to mention the meticulous attention to detail needed to ensure that Payroll is calculated accurately and on time.  

We offer outstanding personal service and solutions for all types of businesses throughout the UK. Every business is unique, so we will provide bespoke payroll solutions that are tailored to your needs, and are flexible enough to change as your business grows, no matter how many employees you have on the books. We can lift that payroll burden and give you back the time to focus on making your business successful.

Spend more time on growing your business, not your payroll

Legal requirements and regulations around Payroll are constantly evolving. The time it takes to keep up with the constantly changing financial landscape detracts from the time you could be spent expanding your business. It’s a constant worry thinking about whether you might have missed an update that could benefit the business, or a loophole or new regulation which might mean a financial penalty.

Our dedicated and professional team will take over the management of your Payroll ensuring everything is done on time. You can be sure your employees will be paid the right amount and that sick pay and holiday pay is factored in where necessary.

We will save you the expense of buying complicated payroll software which can mean days lost on specialist training, huge upfront expenditure and often ties you into an ongoing annual fee.  

We can help whether you are just setting up your business and only have one employee, or growing your business and expanding quickly. Our expert payroll team can help, and we’ll be with you all the way as your business grows.

How our payroll services can benefit your business

We have an impressive record of payroll management over many years. Our experience means we fully understand all aspects of Payroll.  

Benefits of our payroll services include :

Significantly reducing legislative stress

There have been many changes to employment legislation over the last few years. Simply keeping abreast of these is time-consuming and stressful.

You have to take into account the time and effort it takes to manage all of those changes. Nevertheless, it has to be done and managed properly.

For example, Workplace pension ‘Auto-Enrolment’ legislation has brought with it an enormous amount of extra work for businesses of all sizes. We have heard reports that it can take between one and three days every month just to manage this aspect of Payroll. We are absolutely certain you could spend that time more profitably.

Employees have to be assessed for auto-enrolment eligibility and then entered into a workplace pension if they meet the criteria. Once they are enrolled, the employee’s own contributions need to be deducted and then matched up by contributions from the employer.

We can help with the assessment and categorisation of your employees, and the enrolment of those eligible to join your workplace pension scheme, as well as dealing with all compulsory communications to employees.  

Managing employee Holiday Pay

Calculating holiday pay fairly for your workforce is another area subject to change.

Businesses can be taken to court and fined heavily for miscalculation of holiday pay.  

Managing employee overheads

PAYE, National Insurance contributions, Maternity Pay and Sick Pay, tax credits, student loan deductions, leavers and starters. We can take all that burden right off your shoulders.  

Giving you peace of mind

You can rest assured that your Payroll is compliant in terms of the latest HM Revenue & Customs legislation and that you will avoid the risks of PAYE arrears and penalties.

Data security and compliance

All personal data relating to staff or clients stored by your business must be GDPR compliant.

Many businesses find this task quite daunting, but we can offer advice on the best ways to monitor and record who has and hasn’t given their consent for you to store their data.  

Production of payroll documentation

We will ensure all employees receive their payslips, as well as other documents such as P11D and P60 forms, at the right time.

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