Tax Glossary

Taxable Income

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Last updated on:
March 17, 2024

Taxable income encompasses the portion of your earnings on which you are required to pay tax. It's crucial to note that not all income is subject to taxation within the UK's tax system.

For UK taxpayers, the concept of taxable income involves subtracting the Personal Allowance from your aggregate income, which includes more than just your salary. For the current tax year, the Personal Allowance stands at £12,570, automatically applied to your income calculation.

Reducing Your Taxable Income

Several allowances are available to UK taxpayers to potentially lower their taxable income, including:

  • For Self-employed Individuals: The choice between deducting actual business expenses or opting for the £1,000 Trading Allowance.
  • Rental Income: If you rent out a room within your home, the Rent a Room Allowance allows you to decrease your taxable income by £7,500.

These examples illustrate the breadth of tax-free allowances offered in the UK to mitigate the amount of taxable income. For a comprehensive overview of available tax-free allowances, it's beneficial to consult detailed resources or the official HMRC website.

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