Setting up a HMRC personal tax account

March 5, 2023
This guide was last updated on:
February 18, 2023

If you still have it, you can use your existing Government Gateway ID. 

If not, you will need to be able to prove your identity to create an account.

Just log onto HMRC’s Personal Tax account webpage – you can use this link :

and then choose which kind of identity account you want to create. 

  • If you want to deal with tax matters such as a personal or business tax account, PAYE, or Corporation Tax, you would probably choose the Government Gateway ID account, for which you need your National Insurance number and your UK address, plus a recent payslip or P60, or a valid UK passport.
  • The Gov.UK.verify account is recommended for those over 20 for dealing with matters such as Universal Credit, Self-Assessment and a basic DBS check. You will need your UK address, a valid photo ID from any country and a mobile phone number.

The website will take you through the steps to create your personal account, and this process takes no more than fifteen minutes. You only need to go through this process once when you first set the account up. Whenever you want to access your Personal Tax Account afterwards, you just use your personal User ID and password, and your access code.  

You will be asked to provide an email address, a password for the new account and a recovery phrase and you will then be sent your User ID which is a 12-digit number.  

You can then choose how you want to receive your account access code; 

  • if you have a tablet or a smartphone you can download the HMRC app
  • have a text message sent to you on your mobile phone
  • receive an automated telephone call to your landline.

You will then receive your six-digit access code. It would be sensible to make a note of your user ID number, your password and the access code, and keep the note somewhere safe. 

It might also be useful to keep a note of HMRC’s helpline 0300 200 3600 if you have any queries.

Once all those steps are complete, you will see a message on your computer screen confirming that you have set up your account successfully. 

You just need to click ‘continue’ on this screen to confirm your identity by giving various personal details. 

The final step is for you to tell HMRC whether you want them to communicate with you by email or by post. If you want to change this selection at a later date, you can do this by accessing your Personal Tax Account and changing your preference.  

Your Personal Tax Account is now set up and allows you to check various areas such as tax credits, or National Insurance.

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