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Will I get a Tax Rebate?

If you are due a tax rebate it means you have paid more tax than you should have. With our help, HMRC will pay this money back.

Sometimes HMRC will contact you directly, but more often you need to apply to HMRC directly.

Under what circumstances would I be due a rebate?

I am on the payroll (PAYE)

  • Just started a new job and get an emergency tax code
  • You are issued with an incorrect tax code
  • An incorrect tax code has been used by your employer to calculate PAYE
  • You have multiple PAYE jobs
  • A change to your benefits in kind (car, phone, etc)
  • You have expenses that you haven’t claimed for

I am Self Employed

  • If you make payments of account that are too high
  • If you are a CIS subcontractor and have tax deducted at source (usually at 20% rate) this is often too high
  • If you have a pension on top of income and you are paying too  much tax

How do I know if I’m due a rebate?

  • Get in touch today to see how much you could be due

How do I register my claim?

  • In order to claim your rebate you will need to file a self assessment.  We can do this for you in as little as 24 hours.
Will I get a Tax Rebate?

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